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Clubhouse: The Invite-Only App Everyone is Talking About

The exclusive invite-only app Clubhouse is quickly becoming the hottest new social media platform of 2021. This unique platform is populated by business moguls and entrepreneurs alike, virtual networking to the extreme. Clubhouse offers a truly unique opportunity to have live conversations with industry leaders worldwide.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a live-audio, invite-only social media platform app that connects people (predominantly entrepreneurs) with industry leaders from all around the world. As a Clubhouse member, you can join into live discussions or even create your own. Have a question? Raise your hand and ask it. The sessions aren’t recorded, and once the discussion is over it’s gone forever so there is no harm in putting yourself out there.

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One of the interesting things about the Clubhouse platform is that the only way to communicate is through your voice. You can’t send direct messages or leave comments, the only way to participate in discussions is to use your voice.

The app is currently populated by celebrities, business titans, and many other recognizable names. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a discussion with MC Hammer or Tiffany Haddish.

Clubhouse Discussions

Once you’re in the club and join your first room, you’ll notice that there are those who are on the stage having the discussion, listeners and moderators. You can raise your hand as a listener to ask a question, and if you are consistently adding value to the conversation a moderator could call you on stage.

When on stage, it is best practice to keep your microphone muted until you have an important point to add. The conversation flows fairly seamlessly because of this, and as long as moderators are leading the discussion can carry on for hours. If you’re on stage, turn your mic on and off to represent clapping (or snapping).

Clubhouse discussions are a great alternative to listening to a podcast. The effect is the same. The content you will see on Clubhouse is dependent on who you are following, so make sure you are searching for the keywords that interest you the most.

Why Use Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is so much more than just an app that allows you to chat with celebrities. It really is changing the game in virtual networking and education. As you become more vocal on Clubhouse, you could see an increase in followers on your other social media platforms. But let’s not forget all the high-profile people that seem to be jumping on, like Tesla’s Elon Musk.

The audio only setup on Clubhouse is perfect for those who are camera shy and allows for multitasking while listening to a discussion. It is empowering users to have confidence in their voice, without having to stress over appearance.

Clubhouse is also an excellent way to test new ideas, crowdsource information, and learn something new all with an element of human interaction. You will not only hear success stories, but about failures as well. The opportunities for discussion topics are endless on Clubhouse; it’s like a virtual conference that never ends.

As of now, the Clubhouse app is only available on iPhone and is still invite-only.

How to get an Invite to Clubhouse?

For now, Clubhouse isn’t available by just signing up, but if you download the app, it scourers your contacts and send people you may know on the platform a notification to “let you in.” If you unfortunately don’t know anyone who’s already on the platform, drop us a DM @Stamina.Group on Instagram and we will see what we can do. 😉

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